Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rising to the Occasion: Organizing Hair Accessories

Long before we had children and such things were more or less part of our job, a friend and I had a mantra: If you're not crafty, don't do crafts. I think it explains itself. However,  I am now a mom and I have two very artsy-craftsy kids.

In another unexpected turn of events, I inexplicably gave birth to a girly-girl. I'm in my forties and struggle to find anything one would call an accessory in my closet, but my five-year-old is overwhelmed by them. Finding a matching set of barrettes takes forever, and I was losing my patience with the whole thing.

Thanks to the Internet, we non-crafty folk are now able to fake it. As long as it isn't so complicated that I'll lose my patience, I can look at a photo, follow directions, and craft well enough to impress a five-year-old. If it's a project that will organize something, I may even be excited by it.

Today was just such a day. Overcoming my inability to craft, and perhaps inspired by the resulting organization and decorative effect (and--who am I kidding--an excuse to use the staple gun), we made this today:

Hair Accessories Organizer - Flotsam of the Mind

A hair bow and barrette organizer, hung on the wall of her room at just her height. Paint a canvas and staple ribbon to it for clipping hair accessories. I confess, I'm kind of proud of our work.

Hair Accessories Organizer - Flotsam of the Mind

Perhaps even more enjoyable than the project and the result is imagining the reaction of any friend who knew me prior to about two years ago. Sorry friends, but it seems that stay-at-home motherhood and the suburbs have finally gotten to me. I can craft [looking abashed].

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