Monday, May 21, 2012

My Little Sailor

I'm thinking that I might have to tighten up the cursing policy I articulated here.  The little one is working her way up to the 5-year-old equivalent of cursing like a sailor.  I thought it was limited to your basic potty words--poop being chief among them--until the other night at dinner, when Big Brother tattled, "She said the F-word."

My enlightened response was, "Which F word?"  Not that I don't know what that usually means.  I'm quite well-versed.  However, I do keep that one in my head when the children are around, and I didn't know she knew it.  Unlike many people, I am not a fan of fart (it made me twitch just to type it, let alone say it), so I though perhaps the latter word that also starts with F was the word in question.  In response to my inquiry, they stared blankly at me.

I continued, "Which F word?  Spell it."

Big Brother asked, "Will I get in trouble?", at which point I was pretty sure which word we all were talking about.

I convinced him that this was an exception to the general rule, since I inquired specifically, and wouldn't you know that my eight-year-old gleefully spells F-U-C-K as the word Little Sister has spoken.  I emphasized with the firmest, most serious Mom voice I could muster that, unlike certain words (see previous post), the F one was strictly off limits at all times.  I then inquired where she had heard the word, to which she happily reported that her brother had taught it to her.

At least she didn't say she learned it from Mommy.

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