Saturday, July 7, 2012


When it comes to kids and crafts, it's always hit or miss.  For the life of me, I can never tell what is going to keep their interest.  That's why, after today's runaway success at a friend's house, I thought I'd share this one.  I take no credit for the idea (from the Internet), the decision to give a go (my friend's) or the result (totally the kids').  I just took some photos.

The original instruction can be found here at Mom's Crafty Space.  We had two eight-year-olds and two five-year-olds, and three of them kept at this for longer than I ever could have hoped (the first worked a fairly long time but finished more quickly and went to read).  Other than frequent admonitions to keep the permanent markers away from their clothes, we didn't intervene.  Most interesting to me was that, unlike many kid creations, these were beautiful and very cool.  I think they will wear their creations frequently and proudly.

You need:  a white T-shirt, colored Sharpies, an eye dropper and rubbing alcohol, plus whatever you feel is necessary to protect your table and kids' clothing from permanent marker.  You can check out the detailed instructions at the above link, but basically:

Draw dots in a circular pattern.

Or any other pattern you prefer.

Including words, if you're so inclined.

Drop rubbing alcohol on the design until the marker spreads to make the pattern you desire.

We have not washed ours yet.  The instructions say to iron the shirts first to set the marker.  I'm still looking for the iron and need to remember how it works, but if there are any problems, I'll let you know.  I'd probably better get on that, because the kids are anxious to wear their new pieces of artwork.

What a day--a successful craft that required no ideas, execution or clean-up by me.  It's good to have crafty friends.

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