Monday, August 20, 2012

Bubble Art

Both kids are home all this week. No camp, no school, no travel. Just lots of togetherness. The kids were tired today from the last two weeks of camp and a father-son water park trip on Friday, and I was a bit worn out from having some friends over for a family swim/dinner combo last night, so we laid low today. The reason this succeeded was that, thanks to Pinterest, I had a few projects up my sleeve.

I had been wanting to try this project ever since I saw it. I picked up two $5 canvases at Job Lot yesterday, and a project was born. The only other requirements were bubbles and bubble wands (for which we were well-stocked) and food coloring. The concept is simple:  put a few drops of food coloring in the bubble liquid, then blow bubbles at the canvas.

Here is one canvas, about four bubbles into the project.

After more bubbles.

And our second artist's canvas.

That's all it took to produce these final masterpieces.

It was a bit messy, so I'm glad we put out some rags and wore our messy clothes

A certain family member might not have been that neat with his own skin, but I think it looks rather festive.

We were so pleased with the results that we decided to hang the artwork in our newly remodeled studio (aka homework room/craft room).

It was an all-around success. We had fun doing it, it passed the time on an unscheduled day, and the kids each ended up with a beautiful piece of their own artwork to hang above their desks.

If you're interested in more kid crafts and projects, you can check out my Kid Stuff board on Pinterest.  We haven't yet tried all of it, so if you do something, let me know how it goes.

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  1. It looks awesome! I love how it runs down on the canvas!! Thanks for stopping by the blog!