Monday, August 20, 2012

Minor Explosions

OK, not really so much an explosion, although that's what the kids called it.  More just effervescence.  I told you I had a few activities up my sleeve today, so here's the second kid activity post of the day. You may notice that, when it comes to crafts and activities with the kids, I only post those that produced colorful, fun-to-photograph results.  What can I say, there's a little something for all of us in such projects.

This one was great because it's a little art, a little science, and only required items I already had on hand.  I first learned of this clever trick here.  Of course, we already knew about the splendid things that can happen with baking soda and vinegar, but it never would have occurred to me to add a little food coloring.  That's all this is--a pan of baking soda, vinegar with food coloring, and a few eye droppers (in our case, leftover pediatric medicine dispensers).

We all enjoyed it so much that we washed the first results down the sink and did it again.  If I weren't planning on baking banana bread before returning to the grocery store, we would have used the last of the baking soda for a third try.  Next time, we'll use the neon food coloring.

Two planned home activities before noon on a Monday.  Not bad for Day One of Camp Mommy.

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