Thursday, August 9, 2012

Welcome to Our Home

Since the kids' last day of school this summer, we have been traveling nearly 50% of the time.  When home, the kids have gone to camp quite a bit but have still been underfoot a fair number of days.  This has left little time for my DIY projects that bring me such satisfaction.  Both are in camp this week, so I've been trying to toss in a couple quick projects.  None of them are what anyone would call "necessary," but I enjoy doing it and get continuing satisfaction every time I look at it.

Yesterday, I decided to remedy this situation.

That was our front door mat, which was composed of lovely jewel tones when new this spring.  Now, it just looks faded and nasty.  Hardly the first impression I want to present to someone important enough to come to the front door.

Inspired by blogs and Pinterest, and increasingly convinced that one can spray paint just about anything, I bought a rubber door mat and some spray paint that I thought would match the front door.  Our front door is a wonderful shade of red and my favorite thing about the exterior of the house.

I nearly purchased a wrought iron-style rubber mat, but all those curlicues really aren't my thing.  I'm more of a geometric kind of girl, so I bought this.  It has a furry, textured top rather than the slickness of a regular rubber mat, which also appealed to me.  I worried that the paint might not work as well on the textured surface, but it appears to have worked just fine.

As I took my new geometric rubber mat to the backyard to spray paint, I looked down and confirmed that the style was consistent with my taste.  This is the mat on the back door--same basic pattern.  I am nothing if not completely predictable.

A few coats of spray paint later, this is what my new mat looked like.

And here it is, basking in the morning sun at the front door.

The mat color matches the front door color quite well.  Some might deem it too match-y, but since I already love this color on the front of the house, I like the additional pop of red.

This is a much more welcoming view for guests, don't you think?  Since it's rubber, I suspect that it will hold up very well.  All this for about $20 and a few very quick coats of spray paint.  This is just the kind of quick but rewarding project I was looking for, and I'm feeling much better now.  Now if I could just get the powder room cabinet under control....

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  1. It looks great - what a great idea! I love the red, too.