Monday, October 15, 2012

Card Management

pile of rewards and loyalty cards

Don't be put off by the boring title. If you're the one doing the shopping in your family, you're going to be excited by this one.

It seems every store now has a loyalty or rewards card. Your options seem to be to (i) never have the right card when you need it, (ii) have your wallet overstuffed with multiple loyalty cards you only use occasionally, or (iii) have a disordered pile either in your wallet or the bottom of your purse. For a dollar or less, you can solve this problem forever.

Buy a metal craft ring. At least that's what I think it's called;  there are photos below. You can get two for less than $2 at Michaels or other craft places. I found it back near the needlepoint stuff at Michaels with help from a salesperson.

metal craft ring closed

metal craft ring open

Use a hole punch to punch a hole in each card. Line up the last one you punched with each new one to keep the holes lined up.

I assume this goes without saying, but in case you're not naturally orderly I'll spell it out for you...put them on the ring in alphabetical order by store so you can flip through quickly in the check-out line to find the one you need.

reward and loyalty cards on craft ring

To keep it contained, put a rubber band around the stack. I use a hair elastic that had gotten too stretched out to be practical for its intended purpose.

rubber band on loyalty and reward cards and craft ring

I cannot claim credit for this idea. That goes to my friend Jessica, who alleges that it is a Martha Stewart idea. Martha gets enough credit for stuff, so let's give the kudos to Jessica. Every time I pull out my ring of cards at the check-out, either the person ringing me up or someone in line exclaims what a good idea it is (much like I did when I first saw it). And now it is your idea to be exclaimed over.

Anyone else have a simple fix that made an everyday annoyance manageable?


  1. I love that my name and Martha Stewart's are appearing in the same paragraph. Hee hee.

  2. You know there is an app for that? For my Android phone it's called Key Ring. I'm sure there is an iPhone app for that too.

    1. Yes, I have a couple apps that do it, but I've found certain clerks get all freaked out about the phone, and some places won't even take it. It's all a matter of time until that's all we use, but until then, I keep the cards.