Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Libraries - Final Images

Since I asked your opinion and a few of you were kind enough to ask which subject I chose to present for the documentary or narrative style assignment, I thought I'd post what I plan to show for critique tonight.

I am going with eleven library images. While I feel that some of the individual fall photos were better than these, I don't feel that I could really tell a story with them--other than "it's fall," which isn't much of a story. Hopefully, these images do a better job of that. I was able to photograph a third library in a neighboring town. It is a beautiful building with some very unique architectural aspects, so that (plus the dismal rainy weather we're having) helped to make libraries the winner over leaves. Below are the images in order of presentation.

stained glass window literature library

aged books on shelves in library

romance novels mis-shelved at library

library biography section

reference room at library

desk chair and bookshelves in library

leather chair and bookshelves at library

library ladder

old bound newspapers and new Boston Sunday Globe

new media in library

books for sale on stands

A benefit of this assignment was that I spoke to several very nice librarians while I explained what I was doing and why, promising to take photos of inanimate objects only (the most willing subjects, in any event). 

Wish me luck for tonight's critique! It's a continuing ed class, so people are typically quite kind. Any critiques of your own you have to offer? You won't hurt my feelings. Probably.

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  1. I love the topic! Well, of course I do. I really really love the last photo -- it's just such a cool and different perspective -- I love the way the shapes and books disappear in the background -- like a long continuation of books and libraries from the beginning of time. I know you will do great in the critique. I dreaded those last semester in my Design for the Web class -- but they were such great learning experiences.