Monday, October 8, 2012


For my upcoming photography class, the assignment is to use a documentary or narrative style. While I rather enjoyed my iPhone photo essay about getting my car serviced, I don't think it's exactly critique material. After discarding several more exciting book-related ideas, I decided to photograph libraries. I visited the Providence Athenaeum, which is a beautiful old library, and my local public library, which is rather common. I felt there was potential to tell a story contrasting the two, but I'm just not that pleased with the result. I was hampered by the lack of natural light in either location. In addition, while I tried for creative perspectives, I feel that most of the images are rather pedestrian.

I need to present my work at class on Wednesday night, which means that I'd like to complete the photography on Tuesday while my kids are at school. Either I need to hit the library in the neighboring town and hope for the best or make a rapid switch of subject matter. I was quite pleased with the fungi photos I posted the other day, so I'm thinking of trying to expand on the autumn theme if tomorrow's weather permits.

Here are a few of the library photos.

What do you think?  Libraries or autumn?  Your vote counts.

Either way, I'd like to share this one, because we all have this sort of day sometime:

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  1. Honestly, I liked the car service one! But I would vote for library over fungi. (Generally, and for your project.)