Monday, October 29, 2012

Painted Pumpkins

The edge of Hurricane Sandy continues outside, but we still have power and the kids are finally in bed. If your kids are home, you might be looking for some entertainment. Here's a seasonal one for you.

painted pumpkin with tape

We still haven't carved the mega-pumpkins that we picked up yesterday afternoon as Sandy was blowing in. I just haven't had it in me, and the kids are (i) too young to wield a knife and (ii) much to my dismay, too disgusted to scoop out the pumpkin innards. Yet, they desperately wanted to "do pumpkins."

Luckily, we had a couple medium-sized ones sitting on the hearth for decoration. At my daughter's direction (a common scenario here), I taped shapes using electrical tape. I dispensed the paint of her choosing, gave her some brushes, and told her to cover the whole thing in paint.

electrical tape shapes on pumpkin with paint

painted pumpkin with tape shapes

painted pumpkin with tape shapes

The hardest part--for the five-year-old--was waiting for the paint to dry. Once it did, she peeled off the tape and was left with orange shapes in her painted pumpkin masterpiece.

painted pumpkin

Pardon the spooky desk-lamp-lit final reveal. I was so busy with children underfoot today that I didn't get a photo op until after bedtime. I've learned that both will be home from school for one more day, making it the fifth day in a row of "quality time." At least the storm will have passed and we can get out and about.

Hope everyone on the East Coast is weathering the storm well. We have our fingers crossed that the rain will go away before Halloween night.

Anyone else doing any creative pumpkin work?

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