Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ribbons and Bows

A tiny part of me has always wanted to be able to craft my own wreath, but the rest of me always got in the way. Thanks to a suggestion from another blogger, I've finally done it, and all I needed to know how to do was cut ribbon and tie it into knots. Hurray.

I found this idea over at Thrifty Crafty Girl, who is doing 31 days of Halloween over on her blog (that woman is serious about Halloween). Her wreath was all black and covered in awesome googly eyes. While it's hard to get too many googly eyes in my opinion, I wanted a wreath that would work for the entire fall and replace the fall wreath I had hanging on my door.

This was on my door. It is a $7 plastic wreath I bought at Wal-Mart a few years ago. If you look at it from the street, it adds a nice pop of color to the front of the house. If you are actually at my front door...well, it looks like a $7 plastic wreath from Wal-Mart.

plastic fall wreath

Here is my new wreath. It is not plastic, and I made it with my own hands.

orange ribbon fall wreath

You know how I managed it? It is simple and mindless--at least as mindless as the episode of Grey's Anatomy I watched while I made most of it (it's horrible, but I just can't stop myself). You'll need:  a foam wreath and ribbon. I chose two orange ribbons--a grosgrain and a polka-dot satin. Next time, I'll choose a wider ribbon so I will finish faster. If I did the math right, I used just over 36 yards of ribbon for this one.

To make the wreath, cut the ribbon into 12" pieces. Tie the ribbon in a knot around the wreath--right over left, left over right. Repeat, repeat, repeat until the foam is covered. I found that I needed to stagger the knots a bit to ensure the foam wasn't peeking out.

cut ribbon and tied knots on wreath

close-up of ribbon wreath tied knots

ribbon wreath close-up tied knots

When I had filled the entire wreath, I cut off all the frayed ribbon ends, which in my case were most of them. Habitually crafty people: Is there a way to minimize the fraying? I wondered whether, if I'd cut it a certain way or bought better ribbon, there would have been less fraying.

I hope to display my creation until it's time to put up Christmas decorations. The kids, however, love a good Halloween decoration, so I attached some little creatures with straight pins for the Halloween season. I'll remove them soon after Halloween and file them away for next year.

fall halloween ribbon wreath

close-up owl halloween ribbon wreath

Anyone else have a seasonal craft even a novice can pull off?


  1. Good job Cynthia. Will you come to my house and make a wreath?

    1. I think I made you a wreath from tissue paper about 35 years ago. Aren't you still using it? :)

  2. That is adorable! Nice job! My ribbons are fraying too... there is a trick to keeping them from fraying, but it's a bit of work: If you take a flame from a match or a candle, you can singe the edge of the ribbon which keeps it from fraying. It's too much work for my ribbon wreath and I'm always worried I'll burn my creation to the ground.

    I love your wreath, it's perfect for fall!

    1. Thanks again for the great idea. I don't consider myself crafty, so I'm as proud as a child when I can make something by hand that I wouldn't mind others seeing. I'd absolutely set the house on fire if I tried the trick you've proposed. Thanks for the tip though; it may come in handy for smaller ribbon projects.

  3. Looks great! You certainly didn't get your craftiness form your mother. The knot you tied was a square knot. I'm sure Charlie would know that from sailing.

    1. I'm guessing that this particular Anonymous may have given birth to me. Thanks, Mom!