Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shaving Cream Marbled Art

shaving cream marbled paper and cookie cutter

Another weekend gone by, another little people project to share with you. Next up--using shaving cream and paint to marble paper.

I really like this one--fun to do with a pretty result. I warn you that this will require some parental involvement, especially with young kids and particularly if you are the type to get strung out about a potential mess. To my great surprise, the resulting mess was minimal and very easy to clean up, but perhaps that's because I insisted on doing the messiest part. Next time, I'll do this with only one child, as the little one has no patience whatsoever and wouldn't slow down enough for me to keep up. But enough with the provisos...

You will need: cheap shaving cream, washable paint, a pan or tray (I used jelly roll pans) and paper. Liberally spray shaving cream into the pan. This super fun step one. Then drizzle washable paint into the shaving cream. Each kid chose one regular paint and one glitter paint.

shaving cream with paint

Use your finger to swirl the paint and shaving cream. It should looked swirled, not fully mixed.

finger full of mixed shaving cream and paint

Press your paper on top of the shaving cream. I'm sure this would work very nicely with a heavy paper, but we used printer paper and all was well.

hands pressing paper into shaving cream mixture

Peel back the paper.

removing paper from shaving cream mixture

This is the parent step in my house: Use a piece of scrap cardboard to scrape off the excess shaving cream. After trial and error, I found it best to scrape right into the trash can because trying to return the shaving cream to the pan was just too damn messy.

Lay out or hang paper to dry. This IKEA wire contraption is one room over from where we were doing the project, so I got my exercise for the day running back and forth and trying to keep up with an impatient kindergartner.

papers hung to dry

Squoosh the shaving cream around just for fun when you're done marbling your paper (super fun part number two).

hands squishing shaving cream

Once the paper was dry, we used cookie cutters as stencils.Trace the cookie cutters, cut, and display.

cookie cutters and marbled paper

tracing cookie cutter as stencil

Thanks to The Imagination Tree for the excellent idea found here.

A side note: Those of you who know me well probably are surprised by the frequent appearance of children's craft projects here. Books, photography, DIY, and snarky comments about parenting are par for the course, but the craft projects aren't "really me." Well, they are very much "really my kids," and I need to amuse myself while they happen. So many projects have such beautiful, colorful things to photograph that it's fun for me to participate in this way. Also, since many of you are in the same boat full of bored little kids, I thought you might enjoy hearing what works for us.

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  1. This is GREAT!! I love it, definitely pinning this so I can try it with my daughter!

    Stopping by from the bloggymoms blog hop! You have an adorable blog!