Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yarn Block Prints

A damp, rainy Columbus Day holiday from school called for some organized indoor activities. Behold another quick and easy craft executed with materials already on hand. Supplies needed: paper, paint, paintbrush, yarn, and a block.

Wrap the block with yarn and secure one side with Scotch tape.We had only very large or very small blocks, so I chose to use the small ones to prolong the activity.

Paint the tape-free side lightly with paint. If you have glitter paint, like we do, all the better. Being the neurotic mother that I am, we used washable paint, but don't expect all of the paint to come off your block during clean-up. You'll need to plan to permanently donate a block to this project. We did two.

Press painted side onto the paper.

VoilĂ ! You have made a block print.

As always, I must give idea credit. The post that inspired this project can be found here. I'm pretty sure that the inspiration website displays some examples of adult creations, so go easy on my five-year-old. I think she did a swell job.

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