Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 11 (My Parents)

November 11, 1967.

Forty-five years ago today, my parents were married.

On this anniversary, I want to express my overwhelming gratitude for my parents and to my parents for all they have done for me. The problem is that it is truly overwhelming me; I'm having the damnedest time putting it into words. Usually, I have an outline of a blog post in my head before I begin to type. I've been stewing over this one for several days, and all I have is a jumble of thoughts. Here, in no particular order, are those thoughts.

*     *     *

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thank you for loving and respecting each other. The fact that you have been together happily for all this time made my life much easier than that of many of my friends and provided me with an outstanding example of how to build a lasting relationship.

Thank you for always being parents. I don't for a second recall your trying to be my friend, and I've never felt that I was the more mature, responsible person in our relationship. Not everyone is so lucky. To this day, most of what I learned about how to behave, I learned from you. Most everything I learned about being a parent, I learned from you.

Thank you for making our home a place that I wanted to bring my friends and a place that I wanted to return to once I had left it.

Thank you for all the knowledge, large and small, you've shared and questions you've answered. Thank you for still taking my many calls and questions.

Thank you for your confidence in me. I hope it was well-placed.

Thank you for my education. I hope you don't feel I am squandering it.

Thank you for being people with whom I want to spend time. Many people tolerate their family; I enjoy you.

Thank you for giving me more than I ever needed without indulging me.

Thank you for (usually) trusting me to make good decisions. Most of the time, I did a pretty good job.

Thank you for being people whom I am proud to call my family. I always was, and still am, excited to have my friends meet or spend time with you.

Thank you for the piano lessons. Thank you for cheering through so many swim meets. Thank you for having me learn golf when I was young. Thank you for all the driving.

Thank you for being wonderful grandparents and in-laws.

Thank you for all the work you do every time you come to visit. You still take care of me.

Thank you for standing up for me and teaching me to stand up for myself.

Thank you for being the only people I want to see when I'm feeling lousy.

Thank for being excellent role models. You are the definition of "good people."

Thank you for being the best parents a kid could ask for. I am genuinely blessed to have you as my parents.  Happy anniversary.  I love you.


When I tried to explain to my kids that Nana and Papa were celebrating a big anniversary, I had to count the decades on my fingers. While I instinctively thought this was 45, it didn't seem that 1967 could possibly have been that long ago.  Then I remembered that I'm 41. My how time flies.

If you know my mom and dad--and I'm pleased that many of you do--please be sure to wish them a happy anniversary today. I think they do nearly as good a job at being married as they do at being parents, which is a pretty damn fine example.


  1. Cynthia: Very well written. I know your parents would be so proud. Thank you for being you.

  2. Awesome post! Your parents are truly some of the kindest people I have ever met.