Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 18 (A Moment)

Soon after I moved to Rhode Island five and a half years ago, I was fortunate to meet someone who would become a very dear friend. Our friendship is made easier by the fact that her two children and my two children are very close in age. It has always made for easy play dates, for both sets of children and for us moms.

Lately, the balance has been upset ever so slightly. My friend's youngest daughter, who is six, is a bit smitten with my son, who is eight. Not typically in a moony way, but in a way that leads her to choose to spend time with him rather than her presumed playmate, my daughter who is her age.

We had my daughter's sixth birthday party today, and my friend's daughters were both in attendance. So was my son. There was serious bonding between the elder boy and younger girl, who both love to draw. At one point, my son was getting a bit bored and rambunctious, so my husband took him outside for a moment, leaving his little friend behind. This is that moment.

girl with hand on glass door

I am grateful for these friends. I am grateful I witnessed this moment, both poignant and hilarious. I'm grateful I had my camera ready, because I am going to cherish this photo for a long time.