Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 19 (Photos with My Kids)

As you may have gathered from all the photos on this blog, I am the photographer in our family. Other than photos of our newborn children--taken by my husband under penalty of death if he failed to do so while I was otherwise engaged--I have taken every photo we have of our kids. Photography is a favorite hobby of mine, and I find my children to be excellent subjects.

The only problem with this system is that we have very few photos of me with my children, most of them taken by a visiting grandparent. Now that I have a tripod and remote for my camera, I occasionally try to pose with my kids. This tends to dissolve into tickle fights and roughhousing, so the results are not exactly spectacular. This brings me to my daily gratitude: I am thankful for our annual family photos.

The annual photos began as a way to capture better quality photos of our kids. I feel that my photography has improved enough that this is no longer the primary driver. Now, I want a photo of all four of us together. If I'm being really honest, after that money shot of the four of us, what I really want are pretty photos of the kids with me. This lady behind the camera wants to be preserved for posterity as spending time with her kids.

little girl's hand around her mother's shoulder

We received our latest batch of photos today. This is one of them. It was as if the photographer knew I'd want to post one--just one!--to the blog, yet knew I didn't want to share their precious little faces. 

I wonder if, looking back on this photo in a few years, I'll still be able to feel the weight of her in my arms or the pressure of her little grip on my shoulder?

*     *     *

If you are in my neck of the woods, I highly recommend Roxanne of J is for Jane for your photos. She is an artist who made prearranged family photos relaxed and fun. Check out her blog, J is for Jane, to see more of her beautiful photographs.

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