Friday, November 23, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 23 (Thankful Lists)

As I mentioned on Day 1 of these 30 Days of Gratitude, Thanksgiving is a quiet affair at our house. It seems, however, that we are beginning to develop our own traditions for the holiday. I never thought about how a tradition begins until we began to create some of our own, and now I see exactly how it happens.  You do something once, the kids remember and expect it the next time, and now it's a tradition. This year, the kids wanted to follow to the letter our lazy Thanksgiving Day of last year, so we did: parade watching, eating, lists of what we're thankful for discussed during the meal, then family movie.

I was very proud that both kids put some real thought into their "I am thankful for..." lists. They each started at bedtime the prior night and read them aloud at the start of our Thanksgiving dinner. They expressed their gratitude for the standard things--family, friends, health, home and books (makes me proud, see Day 2)--but the more unusual things make my day. Here are a few gems from each:

Kindergartner: school, teachers, songs, art, the beach, crafts, blankets

Third grader: imagination, creativity, honesty, color in our world, cooperation, simplicity, pencils, humor

Not only are their lists priceless (and filed away by me forevermore), but they are a very good window in the personality and loves of each child.

I've been working on my thankful list for 23 days now. I imagine that it shows quite a bit about my personality and loves as well--some sincere, some silly, but all real (except maybe that tongue-in-cheek one about my perfect skin). I'm pleased to have participated in this challenge. It has made me reflect deeply upon some very important subjects and has forced me sit down to write something here every day this month. Thanksgiving is over, but the 30 Days of Gratitude continue. Seven more days to go....

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