Friday, December 28, 2012


I've been thinking about writing this one for a while, but I just didn't know how to explain myself. I still don't, but I'll do my best. See, I have a new crush.

Now, you don't need to rush out to tell my husband. It's not that kind of crush. It's what I've come to think of as a Mom Crush. And no, it's not that kind of crush either. That would be an entirely different type of post (and, I admit, likely a great deal more interesting one). My Mom Crush is on an adolescent boy.

Before you go calling the authorities or locking away your sons, please let me explain myself. To me, a Mom Crush is that affectionate feeling I have for well-behaved, polite adolescent boys, particularly those who are kind to my children or other younger kids. They are the type of boys I hope my son becomes. They are the type of boy I'd be happy if my daughter brought home someday.

Perhaps an example would help. My first Mom Crush was Will. He is the older brother of my son's friend. Will is four years older than one brother and eight years older than his other brother. As long as I have known his family, Will has been friendly, polite and gracious to me, kind to my children, and apparently caring toward his younger siblings. I used to see him playing ball with his youngest toddler sibling during the middle child's soccer practices. To be honest, he seemed much more equipped to entertain a toddler at that time than I did (and he often entertained mine as well--bonus points). I've tried to explain my fondness for Will to his mother, and the best I could do was to say that he's the type of boy I'd like my daughter to date. I'm not sure if she "got it," but she took it as the enormous compliment I intended.

My new crush is named Harry. I think he's thirteen. (Please, please, please do not ever quote those last two sentences out of context.) Harry is on the swim team with my eight-year-old and was my son's designated "buddy" for several swim meets. The coaches invented the buddy system--having thirteen- and fourteen-year-olds assist the under eight crowd--to help the young kids get to their events on time. Many of the big kids never even introduced themselves. Harry did.

Not only did he introduce himself, but for several meets he has come up to us each time one of my son's events has been called to the bullpen. Harry then hovers around, guiding my son through the on-deck process until the event is on the starting blocks. He encourages. He cheers. He fist bumps and high fives. He tells my little guy "great job!" when the event is over. It's really above and beyond the call of duty. At the first meet at which they were matched as buddies, my son said, "It's really nice having a buddy because he encourages you." Exactly. Ergo Mom Crush. I made sure to tell the coaches that Harry was doing a swell job and how much I appreciated it. I told Harry too. I didn't mention the whole crush thing. That would just be weird.

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