Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Photo Project Teaser

Sorry for the recent hiatus. In addition to working on my final project for my photography class and fretting about (but accomplishing nothing related to) Christmas, I had a sick little girl for the last few days. The little one seems to be over her illness, and I presented my final project tonight, so I hope to find time to write a couple posts that have been percolating in my brain the last few days.

I also hope to post the photos from my final project. I did portraits for the project, however, and don't want to post anyone's photo without her authorization. Until then, it will have to wait.

Except that I just can't resist showing something. Since this one is nameless and faceless, I feel free to post with abandon.


While the woman in this photo has a lovely face and I feel I captured some flattering photos of her and her face, I loved this photo too much to omit it. The beautiful way she holds the book, combined with the stunning light through her window, made this a favorite of mine. The illumination of the book depicts how I feel about books, as if a wondrous light is released every time I open one. Except for The Bridges of Madison County. No wondrous light, just a couple hours of my life I will never get back.

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  1. Beautiful. And, not surprisingly, I feel the same way about Bridges of Madison County. Blah.