Thursday, January 3, 2013

An Anniversary Review

sunset over the bay

Today is the one-year anniversary of Flotsam of the Mind. I hope you sent a card.

62 Likes on the Flotsam of the Mind Facebook page. 138 blog posts. Over 9,000 page views. It's still a humble little thing, but compared to what I expected when I started a year ago (which was nothing) the reach and the resulting reward are phenomenal. Thank you to each of you who has taken the time to read my words or share them with your friends.

I considered doing an end-of-the-year recap highlighting the most popular posts. However, if popularity is what interests you, you can see a list of my ten most popular posts at any time in the right-hand column underneath my super cool Hollywood-style photo. In my opinion, the most popular posts are not necessarily the best; they are in large part those that are linked to other blogs or Pinterest, which brings them more traffic. My hunch is that the bulk of those readers stop by, but don't hang out to see what this blog really is about, which is the random stuff that goes on in my life and my head.

Instead of a most-popular list, I'd like to give you my list of favorite posts. Without further ado, here are my favorite posts from my first blog year in chronological order.

Men - My second post, in which I lament that I rarely see my male friends and will likely make no more.

Grandpa - I deal with the loss of my grandfather to dementia and the fact that I really did not want to visit when I was home (postscript: but I did).

It's the Little Things - A story about how my friend Karyn was there for me on my wedding day, as always.

Bad Words - When cursing is acceptable.

Reading Dinner - How books keep me sane when my children threaten to do otherwise.

An Option on Two - Why we decided to try for baby number two.

Housewifery - Coming to terms with being a housewife and wondering what my children will make of my decision to do so.

Schadenfreude - Wishing ill upon five- and six-year-old soccer players (sort of).

My Other Half - My 30 Days of Gratitude post about my husband.

My Fierce Baby Girl - My 30 Days of Gratitude post about my daughter. I consider this to be one of my best, both for what it says and how it says it. It was both very simple and terribly challenging to write.

My Sweet Boy - My 30 Days of Gratitude post about my son. This also was hard to put into words.

The Fat Man - My thoughts about Santa and belief.

My favorite DIY or organization projects and crafts of the year were:

Rising to the Occasion - My daughter's barrette and bow organizer.

The People at HGTV are a Bunch of Liars - The conversion of our dining room to a craft/homework room.

Tickled Pink - Painting my daughter's closet pink.

Bubble Art - Making canvas art with bubbles and food coloring.

LEGO Organization - Detailing how we organize my son's vast LEGO collection.

Card Management - Organizing all those annoying loyalty and reward cards.

Ribbons and Bows - Making a wreath from ribbon that I'd actually display on my front door.

Party Favors - Our handmade favors and packaging for my daughter's birthday party.

Catalog Wreath - The wreath we made using the contents of the recycling bin.

And finally, some photos I liked this year:

Sea of Pink - Little girls in pink tutus.

Early Autumn - Three autumn photos from my yard.

Japanese Maple - The Japanese Maple in my backyard, in its fall splendor.

Portrait of a Book Club - My class final project. Photos of members of my book club reading.

I hope you can take a moment to catch up on my favorites that you missed. If you particularly enjoyed any that aren't listed here, I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks again for supporting me in this little hobby. Happy anniversary to Flotsam of the Mind!

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