Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cleaning Out

I am starting the new year with a clean refrigerator. I'd like to claim that this is some deeply symbolic event that I do every new year, but the reality is that we've been away for a week. The fridge was so empty that I could see and be nauseated by the nastiness that usually lurks beneath the food.

I purged items I could no longer use. I cleaned up messes from the previous year. I adjusted shelf heights that were not working ideally for my purposes. Wait a minute...there just might be something symbolic going on with that crumb and mold removal. Get rid of things you don't need, tidy up whatever was messy, make adjustments to things that aren't working to their potential. I think I stumbled upon a symbol right there in my vacant and sticky refrigerator.

If I were the type who makes resolutions, I would resolve to clean the fridge every new year. It is both practical and symbolic. It starts the year off fresh and new. It smells nice. You don't need to invent reasons to open the door and admire your work. It is incredibly satisfying. It is also probably more sanitary than waiting for the next hurricane that causes you to lose power for several days, forcing you to dispose of the entire contents of the fridge.

There you have it, folks. My deeply symbolic, incredibly practical new year's suggestion: clean out your refrigerator. You'll feel better and probably be healthier for it. Plus, now that I've drawn your attention to it, you're going to notice all the nasty things hiding in your fridge and be compelled to clean it.

You're welcome. Happy New Year.

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