Friday, January 4, 2013

I Said What?

I never realized how often I would have "Did I just say that?" moments as a parent. Last night was a prime example.

Soon after going to bed, my eight-year-old son went to the bathroom. On his way back to bed, he called down from the top of the stairs that he wanted to ask me something. He said it was "embarrassing," then decided it wasn't embarrassing, but "personal," and asked if I would come upstairs so he could ask without shouting down. I did. It was merely a personal hygiene question (a boy who is interested in hygiene--hooray!) that I easily could have answered.

Instead, the words that flew out of my mouth unbidden were, "Daddy knows more about penises than I do. Ask Daddy."

Where did that come from? Completely unnecessary punt by Mommy. Embarrassing, really. However, I'm thinking this one may come in handy during puberty and beyond. I'm going file this one away for when I really need it. (Sorry, son.)

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