Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Trendy Be Damned

gold sunburst mirror
I don't often talk about home decorating here on Flotsam of the Mind, especially if there was no DIY involved. If I did it myself, you can be sure I'm going to tell everyone about it, but today I'm going to tell you about a thing I bought at a store (Home Goods). I share my recent purchase with you for three reasons:

1. It makes me happy, despite the fact that...

2. It demonstrates huge hypocrisy on my part, yet it...

3. Is a circle, which is a new and good thing for me.

I'm going to skip head to number 2 and confess that I purchased a sunburst mirror. If you frequent home or design sites, you have seen a nauseating number of the ultra-trendy sunburst mirrors. I have. If you're not familiar with the ubiquity of the item, Google "sunburst mirror" and view the multitude of images available. The one above, by Global Designs, can be purchased at Amazon for a mere $447.50.

I claim no design experience--or skill for that matter--but I occasionally enjoy looking at home design sites. As a result, I am over the sunburst mirror. It is overdone. Every room on every site has something chevron and a damn sunburst mirror. I've grown weary of them. I mock them. And yet, there is now one on my wall. The hypocrisy is nearly killing me, as is the weight of owning something trendy.

I have had a big empty spot above my family room couch since we moved into this house six years ago. Every now and then, I consider hanging a picture there, but nothing has ever been big enough. The room doesn't get much light, so I had a flash of inspiration that a mirror might both fill the wall space and help the lighting.

empty wall over couch

When I was at Home Goods for a completely different reason, I remembered this brilliant idea and predictably began browsing large, rectangular framed mirrors. I even bored myself.

I drifted across the aisle to the more interesting mirrors and saw one that caught my eye. I looked at it. Walked away. Came back, looked some more. Moved it around and tried to take a picture of it. Accepted that I really liked it and tried to convince myself it was not, in fact, a sunburst mirror. Reminding myself I could always return it, I purchased it. Now the wall looks like this.

sunburst mirror above couch

sunburst mirror

There is a so-trendy-it's-probably-over sunburst mirror on my wall, and I think it's perfect. Like most of my house, the entire room is made of right angles: boxy furniture, rectangular tables, rectangular frames, and square-patterned faux roman shades. The circle mixes things up a bit. I hope the mirror reflects a little light to brighten up the place, and lamplight shows the bronze in the metal, adding a new color and depth to the room.

close-up of metal sunburst mirror in lamplight

sunburst mirror

I like it. It's ok, judge if you must. I probably would.


  1. HA! I wouldn't have thought of it as a sunburst mirror. More like metalworks or something. Hilarious. If you bought a chevron pillow, too, I'm calling you out.

  2. It doesn't seem like a sunburst mirror to me either -- I really like it -- it's very architectural. Oh -- and can I just say how much I HATE Chevron. It's everywhere -- the scrapbooking world is exploding with it. Yuck.

  3. It looks nice. I also wouldn't call it a sunburst. Want to come decorate here?

  4. Visiting from bloggymom's February Hop from http://MamaInHeels.com. I love the color of the wall! Just followed you!


  5. Whatever it is, it looks fantastic on your wall. Very artistic!

    Hi! Stopping by from Mom Bloggers Club. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!