Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fewer Voices

two children looking at the ocean

It is easier to hear when there are fewer voices.

I maintain another blog, viewed only by my husband and our families, to record for posterity cute things the kids say, their artwork, and their milestones. I've been pretty lousy about keeping up with it for the past several months. Today, I've already posted three stories there, and I'm now realizing there were 2-3 more things I meant to post but have already forgotten.

My kids were not particularly precocious today (although my son's letter to LEGO was pretty fantastic), nor did they achieve any milestones. No one even drew a picture for me today. The reason I had something to tell the grandparents was because I heard what my children had to say. The reason I was able to hear them was because I spent time with each of them alone.

When my kids are together--which is most of the time they are with me--they are playing together, talking simultaneously, screaming and fighting, competing for my attention, or generally driving me nuts. When I am with only one of my children, it is quieter. Calmer. Less competitive. Less contentious.  They speak to me, and they often say interesting things. I can hear them because there is only one voice.

I spent most of the day with my son, who has school vacation. After school, he and my husband left for a trip and I spent the evening with only my daughter. Several times I thought, "so this is what it would be like to have an only child." Less chaos, more talking, better listening.

I am going to make it a point to spend time with each of my children separately, so I am reminded of their individuality. Each is not only a brother or a sister, but an independent person with some fascinating things to share.

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  1. Think of grandma & grandpa with 6 kids running around!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Cynthia
    Our God is the only Parent who can give all of Himself to each and every child of His similtaneously. Yes, they do drive us nuts at times, don't they!! Found your blog at Heather's and love the idea to capture family moments in a blog. Excellent idea.

  3. So good to meet you, Cynthia. I really like this sweet reminder here to be with them individually, quietly, intimately, listening to them and knowing them better. I'm going to let it encourage me as I mull it over. Blessings--I came by from Just Write.

    {By the way, I'd like to invite you to #concretewords--it's a link-up and we're just getting started--you can link up all week.}