Wednesday, March 6, 2013

How Babies Come Out

newborn baby girl
The questioner, soon after her arrival.
In our house, we have not yet discussed how babies get into mommies' tummies. No one has asked. We have discussed how they come out. For some reason, these conversations always happen in the car, and we had another just a few days ago.

My kids and I were discussing their favorite topic--stories from when they were little--when we stumbled upon the stories of their birth. Both of my children were born by c-section. This facilitates the childbirth conversations. I typically explain that, while babies "usually come out between the mom's legs," I had surgery and the doctor took them right out of my tummy. This is an opportune time to show the scar to prove it. That vague "between the legs" business always seemed to provide sufficient detail.

Until tonight.

I tucked in my six-year-old, turned off the lights, and was about to leave her room when she said, "You know how sometimes moms have to have surgery to get the baby out of their tummy?" Yes, I do know. Quite familiar, in fact.

She followed up with the natural next question. "If the mom doesn't need surgery, how does the baby come out?"

I'm of the school that believes in using the appropriate anatomical names for body parts. I told her that the baby comes out the mother's vagina. Having a vagina herself and being well aware of the basic construct, she looked at me with a look of combined puzzlement and astonishment. I explained, "It stretches out to fit" when it's time for the baby to come.

She sat quietly for a moment, pondering that, and with wide eyes she vehemently exclaimed, "Ouch!"

I'm pretty sure she gets the idea.

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  1. LOL! The first time I explained that concept to my daughter, she laughed and said "Yeah, right Mom! There is no way that is how it happens" Boy will she be shocked!! :)


  2. I love it! My kids were always more concerned with the "coming out" than the "getting in" process also.

  3. haha. sounds like she caught on just fine :) - oddly enough, these conversations always crop up in the car with me and my kids too!

  4. Oh how funny! I remember when my kids were little (they are teens now) was mad at the other for some reason and yelled "well at least I didn't come out of mom's butt like you did!" Nice, huh? Thanks for linking up with our link party last Friday!