Monday, March 25, 2013


My daughter's best friend was on a trip at the end of last week. She missed two or three days of school and didn't return until Sunday. My daughter lamented her absence multiple times a day.

At school drop-off this morning, her friend got out of the car in front of us and waited with the teacher to get my daughter out of the car. The minute the girls saw each other, the most beautiful thing happened to their faces; it was as if they were illuminated. Both girls broke into huge smiles, their eyes brightened, they seemed to lighten and glow.

little girls in rainboots holding hands

I drove home feeling warmed by their glow and reflected how fortunate they are to have a friend. While these two little girls will likely drift apart and other friends will move into that special place in their hearts, they will not outgrow the curative warmth of friendship. They will forever be excited to see the dear friends they have missed, those who reside in the inner circle of their hearts.

I will be seeing such friends in a couple weeks when I attend my college reunion. While I do not speak frequently to most of them, these friends are among my most dear. I miss them. I lament their absence in my daily life. When I reunite with them--just like the little girls I watched today--my face will break into a smile, my eyes will brighten, my heart will feel lighter, and I might even start to glow a little.

It is a beautiful thing to have a friend and a blessing to have many, especially if they will dance like fools with you.  Mine will.

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  1. Great blog. Friends from different stages of life last forever!! Susie