Monday, March 4, 2013

Reader's Block

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I'm suffering from reader's block. It's like writer's block, except with reading.

Here's my problem. I'm in the middle of a book. I don't hate it, but I don't love it. If I really hated it or was bored to tears, I would quit and move on. There was a time when I would have slogged through to the end as a matter of principle, but those days are past. I have too many things I want to read that I suspect are fabulous to slog through anything. This book is not a slog-fest.

It's no page-turner either, at least not to me. It hasn't grabbed me and made me stay up late to finish it. It's not for my book club, so I don't have even a vague obligation to finish.

Part of me wants to move onto the next thing, but I feel this book still has potential. It's not horrible. It's an award-winner, highly recommended by people who seem to read the same sort of books that I do. It's a book I think I'm "supposed to" like. It still could turn out to be amazing.

Instead of either giving up or carrying on, I'm not reading. I'm not reading anything. I carry this book around, but never open it. I don't start something new, because I'm still planning on giving this book a fair shot. Rather than read this book or read another book, I read nothing--reader's block. It seems the worst of all possible outcomes, but this is what I do.

It's completely illogical, but I can't bring myself to commit to a plan of action. By default, I choose inaction, which means I'm wasting days of reading time.

Am I the only crazy person who gets stuck in this position? Do I so lack the ability to make a decision that I cannot choose what book to read?

Maybe. If you share this problem and would like to form a support group, please let me know.

In case it's wonderful, I'm not telling you the name of the book that has plunged me into this latest bout of reader's block. I wouldn't want to poison you against a potentially fantastic read.

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  1. I would put it away and come back to it later. There are too many great books to read to waste your time on one that doesn't hold your attention. I get twitchy and grumpy if I don't have a book to read :) Thank goodness I can borrow books on my kindle!