Thursday, May 16, 2013


I said we were going to try new vegetables and asked you to teach me to cook them. Thank you to everyone who suggested an asparagus recipe. 

Operation Green Things: Asparagus is complete. Score: 2 of 4. I'm pretty sure you can guess which two gave the thumbs down. One ate a single stalk with prodding and, though he wouldn't admit it, really didn't hate it that much. One ate a half stalk under extreme duress accompanied by gagging noises.

The adults fared much better. My husband, who likes asparagus and was excited to have it on the menu, said it was good. I ate my serving, plus all that the kids didn't eat.

asparagus, cheeseburgers, hot dogs

The most exciting part was that the kids--or at least my son--treated it as an experiment or adventure and are willing to try more. I think it helped that I ate dinner with them and professed to be trying it (and possibly disliking it) myself. I did not tell them that I thought I hated asparagus. I'm glad I didn't because that is no longer true. Operating Green Things is already a success.

Thanks to Todd for this simple recipe: drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with Montreal Steak seasoning, and grill. I chose this one because I thought the seasoning might best cover the vegetable taste for the reluctant eaters.

Next up: butternut squash. OK, so it's not green. But it's a vegetable, it's healthy, and my husband and kids already love sweet potatoes so I thought it might be an easy sell. The only thing I've ever done with butternut squash is make soup. What should I do instead?

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  1. I put the whole squash in the oven at 350 degrees for about a hour. Then I cut it in half and pick the squash out. It comes out looking like spaghetti. I sometimes use it instead of spaghetti. I add a little butter. You can also put some spaghetti sauce on it for the little ones.