Thursday, May 2, 2013

Showing My Maturity

I have been a parent for more than nine years, but I experienced it in a new way today. I've now begun to parent even those children I do not know.

While driving my daughter to acting class this afternoon, I heard a sound through my open sunroof. I quieted, looked in the rearview mirror, and realized it was music from the car behind me.

They could have been a movie cast--three teenage boys blasting music in a yellow Jeep with the top off. With their tousled hair, sunglasses, and button-down shirts, all they needed was a cigarette and a bad attitude to be James Spader circa Pretty in Pink. True to casting, they tailgated for as long as they followed me. When I turned right, they blew past my left side into the oncoming lane before I had time to start the turn.

James Spader as Steff in Pretty in Pink
James Spader as Steff in Pretty in Pink
I wasn't annoyed by their music or poor driving. I only barely envied their teenage ease. As they zipped past me, I was in mom mode. The only words that went through my head were: "Be safe."

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  1. I love this. Oh and I love James Spader!

  2. This resonates. I have found myself "parenting" others silently, too. Especially the sweet little neighbor kids that run around like a subdivision gang. It is hard to turn off that parenting switch.

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