Wednesday, June 5, 2013

30-Day Photography Challenge

old paint peeling Mercier's Hardware sign

Now that the sun is shining and I've come out from my New England winter hibernation, it's time to get my mojo back. I feel like I've been hiding in my house--sometimes at this computer--since October. I haven't seen enough friends, haven't breathed enough fresh air, and haven't done enough of the things I love to do.

One thing that suffered in the cold dark of winter was my photography. Now that sunshine and happiness has returned, I want to devote some serious effort to learning more and improving.

receding row of library books on book stands

I'm not the best at self-direction, so I need a plan. I've considered a 365-day challenge, but that seems like a lot to bite off. I'm going to start with a 30-day challenge, and I hope you'll join me.

There are many 30-day photo memes floating around the Internet, and I found a great one at Expert Photography. What I like about this particular challenge is that it is less about me (what I wore, my favorite things) or the world around me (clouds, something green) than about photography skills and theory. The rule of thirds, bokeh, and lens flare all show up by day 10.

silhouette of a rabbit next to a tree at sunset

It's a little intimidating because I don't yet know what all the prompts mean, but this great website has an explanation of each daily subject. I'm going to learn some things. Maybe you can too.

Here's the deal. Each day, I will remind you of the next day's prompt and link to the technical discussion about it. On the day of the prompt--no previously taken photos--I will aspire to accomplish the assigned task. The next day, I'll post the photo here and share a few words about it. I will be forced to both take photographs and write on the blog, with no further self-direction required.

red gas can with Contains Lead sign

Where do you come in? If you'd like to join me, post your daily photo on the Flotsam of the Mind Facebook page with the prompt as the text. If you're not on Facebook, you can link to your online photo post in the blog comments for that day.

I also will post my photos on my 30-Day Photo Challenge board on Pinterest. If you'd like to see all the results in one place, that's the place to go. If you'd like, create your own 30-Day Photo Challenge board. You follow mine, I'll follow yours, and I'll repin your photos to my board. That way all participants can see everyone's results.

Your skill level and camera are irrelevant. I'm going to be learning along with you, and some days the photos will be from my iPhone rather than my fancy DSLR. If you can't participate every day, do the best you can and post when you have it.

Now that we've talked guidelines, here are the prompts from Expert Photography:

1. self-portrait
2. rule of thirds
3. black and white
4. texture
5. high angle
6. low angle
7. silhouette
8. sunset
9. bokeh
10. lens flare
11. landscape
12. portrait
13. dynamic tension
14. light painting
15. colorful water drops
16. balanced
17. unbalanced
18. frame within a frame
19. panorama
20. depth
21. water splash
22. slow sync flash
23. panning
24. Harris shutter
25. shallow depth of field
26. light graffiti
27. street photography
28. architecture
29. night
30. hidden camera mirror photo

autumn foliage next to a pond

That means that tomorrow is a self-portrait, everyone's favorite subject. If you'd like some tips, click through the link for Expert Photography's How to Take Flattering Self Portraits.

I'll be capturing a self-portrait today and will post tomorrow. Please join me!

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  1. This is a great idea, there are so many things that go into a great photo. The last photo with the trees is so pretty, I love fall!