Saturday, June 15, 2013

Day 10: Lens Flare

Oh, brother. Lens flare. I really don't know what I'm doing. This is going to take more than just an evening to learn.

We had an impromptu sort-of cookout with the neighbors this evening. Our kids were playing together and realized both families were grilling burgers at the same time, so we ate our separately cooked burgers together on our back patio. I snapped this photo while we adults chatted after the kids left to play.

Now that I think about it, a photo of two dads hanging out and cooking out seems rather appropriate for Father's Day weekend.

two men at an outdoor table in the evening

I tried (and failed) to capture some adorable lens flare photos of the four kids lined up on our patio wall eating dessert. See, the faceless guy in this photo is a professional commercial photographer, and he picked up my camera and started flipping through my photos. He (very nicely) confirmed my fail.

I'm glad he did. I was pretty sure I wasn't getting it--so he didn't burst my bubble there--and he did give me some advice. I will gladly take advice from an expert and may have used it as an opening to ask some unrelated photography questions that had been on my mind.

In case you too are a novice, I will share. First, he noticed I had a clear filter on my lens. I've always been told that this is a must to protect the lens. Apparently, not so much. It also results in poor focus and less ability to get a flare when you want one. He told me that as long as I use the lens cap, I should be in good shape (and I'm certain his gear costs just a tad more than mine).

Second, he told me a need a lens hood. I'm always up for new camera paraphernalia, and a lens hood should be pretty inexpensive, so that is next on my list.

What do you think? Interesting photo or desperate attempt to find a submission? Anyone else have better luck (skill ) today than I did?

If you need a refresher, Digital Photography School's 5 Tips for Achieving Artistic Lens Flare is a good source.

Tomorrow's challenge is Landscape, which (at least in theory) ought to be easier than today's challenge. I'm going to the beach tomorrow, so if I can manage the mid-day sun, that may be what you see tomorrow.

Please be sure to share your lens flare photos, even (especially?) if they didn't turn out as you had hoped. No shame in trying, right?

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  1. I agree with him completely on not using clear lens covers :) As long as you make sure that you cap your lens as soon as you are done taking the photo you are fine. I have never used one on my photos, it can have a big effect on close up photos of things like food. I am always learning new things, that's part of the reason I like taking photos. I love discovering all the ways to make my photos even better!