Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 16: Balanced

Talk about squeezing this challenge in under the wire of the setting sun.....Although the kids and I met friends at the beach for a pizza picnic dinner, I failed to catch a single decent photograph while there. Let's just say that the kids were a lot faster than my ability to compose a shot.

We arrived home and headed straight upstairs to put the little one to bed and the big one into the shower. In a moment of unusual foresight, I brought my camera upstairs for the bedtime process. While they were doing their bedtime thing, I snuck in my photo for balanced composition.

I'm not certain exactly why this feels balanced to me. I think the dark banister in the foreground with the similarly curved bright window the background offset each other in just the right way. The light and dark contrast with one another, but the curves complement each other. In any event, it works for me. I'd love to hear if my artist friends agree with me and, if so, why it works.

banister in front of arched window

I was pleased that I made my house look pretty in the photograph. Then I noticed the broken pieces of the window mullion sitting atop the right window. They have been sitting there for six years. The odds that I am going to repair them are pretty slim at this point, yet I refuse to throw them away. What can I say? Neither I nor my home is perfect, and now you have proof.

We did a Balanced challenge today, which means the Unbalanced challenge is tomorrow. If you read Photo Composition: Balanced at Light and Matter, you understand the principle of balanced composition. Now do the opposite. 

To prevent myself from cheating and posting one of today's beach photos for tomorrow's unbalanced challenge, I'll include my unbalanced photo here as an example. 

pails and shovels on a sandy beach

Once you complete tomorrow's challenge, tell me whether you prefer a balanced or unbalanced composition. If you're really overachieving, post two photos of the same scene--one with a balanced and one with an unbalanced composition. That, my friends, was a challenge within a challenge.

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