Sunday, June 23, 2013

Day 18: Frame Within a Frame

What I have enjoyed most about the 30-Day Photography Challenge is that I have learned more than just the assigned challenge topics. Today's challenge was to take a photo using a frame within a frame, but I took away a greater lesson.

I was struck today by how important it is to take photos of nothing. Of course, I don't really mean nothing. I mean instead the everyday, not important, wouldn't think-to-take-a-photo-of-that stuff. Stuff that, in the moment, you might not realize you want to remember but will be happy you did.

We hosted eleven nine-year-old boys for a Super Soaker battle and swim party today. When it ended and we had cleaned up, we were all worn out. I was in jammies and watching Mr. Mom by 6:00 p.m. That didn't leave a lot of free time for photography. Between clean-up and movie, I took this photo of my son--in his bedroom, still in his beach towel, laid out on the floor with a book.

I told you I find him this way often.

Maybe this photo doesn't appear special to you. It means the world to me because it captures everything about who my son is. The red dinosaur painting he made when he was three. The LEGO Technic 4x4 he built himself after Christmas this year. The dragon wallpaper border on his window shades. His favorite blanket and The Far Side collection open on his bed. The worn out little boy who had a fantastic but exhausting afternoon with ten of his best friends.

If it weren't for the frame within a frame challenge--his doorway serves as the frame here--I never would have taken this photo. Without it, I would have had to rely on my memory for details about my son the summer he was nine. Now I don't have to.

Tomorrow's panorama challenge requires some software. I do not own Photoshop, but I may try an iPhone app that allows you to stitch together photos to create a panorama. You can find a list of such apps at Best Panoramic Photo Apps at AppAdvice. If you don't want to download any apps or fool with this project, I'd happily view any photos of Saturday night's super moon instead.

Even better, just post a picture of a special moment of nothing in your day. You will be happy you took the time.


  1. Susie: Great Pic

  2. Very cute pic :) My oldest loves to read too!

  3. What a very special picture! I totally get it. Popping in after seeing your comment on the 101 Books post...