Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 2: Rule of Thirds

After several weeks of not-so-patient waiting on my kids' part, our backyard swimming pool is finally open for business. Neither the air nor the water is warm, but the kids don't seem to care.

They wanted to swim this afternoon, and I wanted to work on my Rule of Thirds project. Rather than disappoint any of us, I decided to work some Rule of Thirds magic on the swimmers.

Until today, the only time I thought consciously about the Rule of Thirds was when taking a photo with a horizon. After reading the prompt, I instantly envisioned landscape photos. That seemed too easy and something I already understand, so I tried the Rule of Thirds with people. Little swimmers to be exact.

children swimming in a pool

Here's my littlest showing her big brother and swim team member her starting dive. Why are little girls not bothered by bathing suit wedgies the way adults are?

While this photo is not perfect with respect to the Rule of Thirds, her body is on the 1/3 vertical line with her head at the intersection of two 1/3 lines. The photo would be better if my son's head was at such an intersection, but because it's out of focus I feel like the photo works as is.

I wish I could sport multi-colored polka dots, but I think the time has long passed.

How did you do with today's challenge? Did you find yourself looking at the world--or at least through your view finder--in a whole new way?

If you haven't completed the challenge yet, you can read tips from Expert Photography at this Rule of Thirds summary.

Tomorrow's challenge is Black and White. You can read more tips from Expert Photography on this subject here. If you're using your iPhone for this challenge, there are many apps that will convert a photo to black and white and allow you to adjust the brightness, contrast, and grain. Snapseed and PicTapGo are two of my favorites.

Be sure to post your Rule of Thirds photo on the Facebook page. This one was a little trickier than yesterday's prompt, so I'm curious to see your results.

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