Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Day 20: Depth

Day 20. Two-thirds done. I'm having so much fun the time is flying by.

The challenge for the day is to demonstrate depth. Once again, I spent about ten minutes, walked down the street, and created an image I really like. I drive by this spot every time I leave or return home, but I never noticed how pretty it was until now.

orange day lilies against a white gate

I particularly like how the rear white gate post is both overexposed and out of focus, so that it seems to blend into the sky. I'm also pleased that both the nearest part of the gate and the flower in the foreground are both in focus. The combination of orange, green, blue, and white makes the photo for me.

If you need some advice on maximizing depth in your photos, be sure to see Maximizing Perspective and Depth in Your Photography at Phototuts+. The article includes some beautiful examples of successful results.

Tomorrow's challenge is Water Splash. Expert Photography's suggestions, which you can find at Easy Water Splash Photography, sound significantly overcomplicated to me. Instead, I'm going to try the Cookie Splash. The links to the Flickr page and tutorial in that article no longer work, but I think the idea is self-explanatory. I'm going to wing a cookie splash.

Try some version of a water splash tomorrow and be sure to share your results. Are those of you doing the challenge with me also finding amazing images in places you never thought to look?


  1. I love lilies, they grow wild all over the place here. Depth is one of my favorites, since with food photos is can make such a difference :)

    1. Your food photography is excellent. I've been meaning to write you to thank you for the homemade hamburger bun recipe. They were a hit with my family (and with the raccoon that stole the last one out of the trash, unfortunately).