Friday, June 28, 2013

Day 23: Panning

Once again, I drafted one of my offspring helpers for day 23 of the 30-Day Photography Challenge: Panning. The goal was to have my son on the bike remain in focus while the background was blurred.

boy riding a bike with blurred background

Not perfect by any means, but you get the idea. This was our second best result--the first was so good that you had a clear view of his face. Go figure--it was such a success that I couldn't show you here.

Rather than try to explain how I did this one--the idea is to use a slow shutter speed and move your camera with the moving subject--I recommend Digital Photography's Mastering Panning. I can't say that I have mastered panning, but it's an interesting technique that I would like to try again.

For tomorrow, I'm going to set my own challenge rather than follow the Expert Photography Day 24 challenge. I have been following a 30-day challenge constructed by Expert Photography, and the next challenge on the list is Harris Shutter Effect. After reading about it, I learned that it is an interesting color effect you can create in post-processing.

Funky post-processing effects are fun but not my primary focus right now. I'm still trying to learn my camera, basic techniques and composition, and lighting. I'm a little scarred by yesterday's failed flash project, so I'm going to make a Low Light challenge for tomorrow.

If you're joining me, the goal is to photograph your subject in low light without a flash. You can find some tips at Digital Photography's How to Get Better Digital Photos in Low Light Conditions Without Using a Flash. For those of you who are parents, the bonus of this challenge is that it can be done after the little ones are in bed. I think of everything.

I continue to enjoy this 30-day challenge, and I've learned quite a bit. When it comes to blogging about it, however, I am beginning to tire of the subject. I'd like to take the time to write about other things swimming around in my brain, but finding the time to write twice a day is tough.

Only one more week to go, then back to the regularly scheduled programming. What do you think? Are you ready for a return to normalcy?

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