Saturday, June 8, 2013

Day 3: Black & White

I'm only on day three of the 30-Day Photography Challenge, and it's doing exactly what I intended it to do--forcing me to take photographs when I wouldn't otherwise take the time. With the hoopla around my daughter's last day of kindergarten, a visit by firefighters to put out an apparently spontaneously burning bush in my yard (draw your own conclusions), and a hair appointment to address the roots you saw in my self-portrait, I didn't have time set aside for photography. It also was raining cats and dogs, which really cramped my style.

Like yesterday's Rule of Thirds project, I used the prompt to photograph our everyday moments. My black and white photo shows my kindergarten graduate enjoying a celebratory ice cream cone at the local ice cream shop.

little girl eating an ice cream cone while looking out the window

I took this photo with my iPhone and edited it in both Snapseed and PicTapGo. I lightened the exposure and increased the contrast. I particularly like how she is holding the ice cream cone, which is centered in the photo. My eyes are drawn to the cone more than they are to my daughter because we can't see her face.

When I'm taking photos of architectural elements in black and white, like I did in my Paris photos, I like a high-contrast, high-clarity sharp photo. I felt like the scene in today's photo was better portrayed with a softer feel. To me, this photo feels wistful, but maybe that's because I know it was taken moments after leaving behind kindergarten and her school of the last five years. What do you see?

If you'd like some tips on taking black and white photos for today's prompt, see Expert Photography's Black & White. When you're done, post it to the Flotsam of the Mind Facebook page.

Tomorrow's prompt is Texture, and Expert Photography has tips here. I have no preconceived idea what I'm doing for this prompt, so we'll see what everyday life presents tomorrow.

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  1. I love black and white photos, the contrast is so pretty! Great shot :)