Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 5: High Angle

I had grand plans to take incredibly cute high angle photos of the kindergarten girls frolicking in my yard and pool this afternoon. I failed to take into account that I was hosting eleven six-year-olds, not photographing them. Hosting didn't leave much time for photography.

After we cleaned up from our own party, we headed across the neighborhood to another. The kids ran amuck with babysitters while the adults had a few cocktails on the dock to celebrate the host's birthday (life is good).

The children would wander back to the dock for snacks and to play at the water's edge. The dock provided just the right aerial view of the kids, so I quickly excused myself from adult conversation to snap a few photos.

view from above of little boy's tattooed arm and blue crocs

This little guy was too small to make it down to the water's edge and had come in search of a box of doughnuts. I love the contrast between his shorts and shirt, those stellar blue crocs, and his tough guy tattoo on such a sweet little hand.

little girl's feet in green sandals wading in the water

Taking a close second place for my favorite high angle photo are these iridescent green jelly sandals. They belong to the little guy's big sister. I'd say the whole family has a serious sense of style.

Thank you, friends, for the lovely evening and for allowing me to photograph your kids for day 5 of my 30-Day Photography Challenge. I love photos taken at unusual angles and am looking forward to seeing what the other challenge participants will do.

Now that we've completed a high angle shot, tomorrow's prompt is Low Angle. According to Expert Photography, this means a shot looking up. I think we also could interpret this prompt not as a shot taken from below, but as a shot with a camera angle-to-subject of only a few degrees. I'll leave the interpretation up to you. I may try both, depending on the subjects available to me tomorrow.

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