Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 6: Low Angle (The Piano)

Both of my kids started piano lessons a year ago. My daughter, then five, had been begging to take lessons for some time and my son surprised us all by joining her. 

Our piano is an old player piano. It is the one I learned to play on when I started lessons at age six. When my parents moved away from my hometown a few years ago, I shipped the piano from Ohio to Rhode Island. I didn't know I was attached to it until I thought of someone else owning it. 
child's hands on the piano keys
My grandparents purchased the piano and, with my great-aunt and great-uncle, drove it from North Carolina to Ohio on a trailer in the 1970s. The piano lived in the basement of each of the three houses my family lived in, and I spent innumerable hours practicing there over the years.

I had planned for the piano to live in my basement when it moved to Rhode Island. A miscalculation about the height of the basement stairwell forced the piano to reside in our dining room, where it acted as an oversize coffee table until my kids started lessons.

That miscalculation was a gift. The piano stayed in the dining room, but we converted the dining room to a homework and craft room. That room is adjacent to the kitchen, so the piano is in a high-traffic area. The kids walk past it constantly and often tickle the ivories as they do. Best of all, I don't even have to nag them to practice.

*     *     *

Today's challenge was to take a low angle photo. The photo above is of my six-year-old daughter practicing Do-Re-Mi from The Sound of Music.

Tomorrow's challenge is to take a silhouette photo, a favorite of mine. If you need some tips, check out these from Expert Photography.

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  1. I tried the piano, but was horrible :) I do play guitar and love it!