Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 7: Silhouette

Don't you love when something turns out just as you envisioned it? Would it matter to you if it were Plan C that turned out as planned? That's what happened to me, but I'm thrilled I had to move to Plan C.
little girl's silhouette
I took this photo in our dark basement with a clamp light shining behind my daughter. While I liked the straight-out-of-camera photo, I did add some enhancements. In post-processing, I darkened the blacks, boosted the exposure, and warmed the color.

I was on Plan C because my first two ideas involved window light. When I first tried a self-portrait silhouette mid-day, the light in the room was too bright and I couldn't get a good silhouette. My plan to try an evening window photo was thwarted by a dark rainstorm--so dark I couldn't get any decent back lighting. That left me with basement Plan C and my ever-willing six-year-old subject.

When trying different metering during the mid-day session that didn't produce the intended silhouette, I did get one other photo I liked. Call it a happy half-accident. I've included it here to show that just because you didn't get the intended outcome doesn't mean you didn't get a good outcome. That's what experimentation is all about.

woman looking out the window

I found the Silhouette challenge to be the trickiest yet. I wonder if you'll feel the same way. Be sure to share your results, and let me know if you also found it difficult.

Tomorrow's challenge is Sunset. I suspect my real challenge will be twofold--capturing the precise time of day with two kids underfoot and likely having no sunset to photograph due to rain. We'll see how it goes. If I have to contribute a previous sunset photo tomorrow and make it up in better weather, I will. Tips for sunset photos are here at Expert Photography.

See you all at sunset tomorrow!


  1. Excellent photo.... You should consider entering it in a photography competition!

  2. Your photo turned out beautiful, great job!