Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 8: Sunset

My first and greatest challenge with the Sunset prompt was to be available to take photos at sunset. I failed to realize that my children's bedtime and sunset are simultaneous these days.

I planned to walk down the street where I could get a view of the sun setting over Narragansett Bay. My kids were playing with the neighbor kids in their yard and refused to accompany me.

My neighbor graciously agreed that I could leave my kids in her yard for a few minutes. The kids played, I took some photos, and they went to bed a little late on the first day of summer vacation. Everyone wins.

My second challenge, once I reached the shore, was to find something (anything) to be in the foreground of the photo. I tried rocks and plants because I saw nothing more interesting available. As I started to walk home, I turned to admire a home on the water and noticed their fence. The fence saved me. I'd been trying to get the moored boat in the photo, but it really didn't work until I changed perspective and added the fence.

fence and moored boat as sun sets

I am not a religious person, but there is something spiritual to me about this second photo. If there ever were a picture perfect moment for me to hear the voice of God, I think that would have been it. Although the rocky shore appears in the foreground, the photo lacks a distinct object to make the sunset interesting. I find it tranquil and beautiful nonetheless, and I like the rare vertical photo of the horizon.

waves lapping on rocks at sunset

What do you think? Does the second photo work? Which of the two do you prefer?

Tomorrow's prompt is Bokeh. I'm really excited by my 50 mm lens these days, so I'm looking forward to this one. I'm guessing that an iPhone photo is unlikely to capture the required results.

If bokeh is a new concept for you, see Expert Photography's What Everybody Ought to Know About Bokeh or How to Achieve Beautiful Bokeh. Then toss the term around in conversation so that people think you're a serious photographer.

What will the sun be setting over in your photos today? Please share them on the Flotsam of the Mind Facebook page. See you there!


  1. Susie: I like the second photo. Peace and tranquility

  2. I love sunsets! The first photo in my favorite, the fence works really well to frame the bottom of the photo :)

  3. I like the second photo too! More focus on the sunset....less on the landscape. And believe it or not yours was the second reference this week to Bokeh. So I can't wait to see what you do with it.