Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 9: Bokeh

I needed the photography challenge on this rainy day. Today was the first day of my kids' summer vacation, and both were home all day with no friends but me. We did many fun projects together, but I never fully recovered from a mid-day run-in with my six-year-old. By the time the rain let up briefly in the late afternoon, I needed an excuse to be outdoors alone.

Today's challenge was bokeh, the blur in the out-of-focus part of an image. My bokeh image shows a wet blossom from my favorite tree, a Japanese Dogwood. I will occasionally pause to stare at this tree when in bloom because I find it so peaceful. I found it particularly beautiful today when covered in water droplets from the rain.

Japanese Dogwood Blossom wet with raindrops

I used my 50mm lens set on f/2.0. I love how the short depth of field makes the subject blossom pop while the bokeh of the other blossoms and leaves provides a pretty backdrop.

What do you plan to photograph for the bokeh challenge? Are you expecting better weather than I had today? If you missed yesterday's Expert Photography tips for bokeh, you can find them here.

Tomorrow's challenge is lens flare. Lens flare is something that I've only recently begun to use intentionally. Until several weeks ago, the only lens flare I ever achieved was the unintentional kind that messed up a photograph. How fascinating that a single effect can be what ruins or makes your photograph, depending upon how you use it.

For tips on achieving lens flare, see 5 Tips for Achieving Artistic Lens Flare at Digital Photography School.

I think the rain should pass by tomorrow evening, so I'm hoping to try for some lens flare photos in the golden evening hour. Wish me luck!

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  1. My 50mm lens is my favorite, it's the best for food photos, hands down :) Great photo!