Monday, June 10, 2013

Homecoming Analogy

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Infant is to mother as mother is to six-year-old.

Allow me to explain the above analogy that played itself out in my home this afternoon.

When I first stayed home with our infant son, I verbally pounced on my husband the second he entered our home at the end of the day. He hadn't closed the front door before I launched into a barrage of updates, questions, and pay-attention-to-me's.  

Today was the first day of my six-year-old's summer vacation. Her brother remains in school until Wednesday, so she and I spent the day together. She swam, we played board games, we painted toenails, we visited friends, we made granola bars, we went to the grocery store, and we memorized state capitals. 

In my view, the day lacked quiet alone time, but otherwise it was enjoyable and--dare I say--companionable. My daughter's afternoon behavior would indicate otherwise.

As soon as her brother got home from school, she was on him like a housebound new mother. The girl would not shut up, and she would not leave him alone. The poor guy didn't even get to finished a snack before she was all over his case.

It didn't end well. There were welts. There was screaming. Everyone was dispersed to their rooms.

We only have two more days of this routine, so there isn't much point in trying to train my daughter to give her brother a little decompression time. Beginning Thursday, they can fight all day--until I ship them off to day camp next week.

I've adjusted quite nicely to being home alone now.

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