Friday, June 14, 2013

Strawberry Field Trip

basket of strawberries

Mommy Camp is short-lived but high-intensity.

My daughter started summer vacation last Friday and my son on Wednesday. Many of their friends are still in school for another week, so we've had some serious family time. That is both good and bad.

We hit a serious low mid-day yesterday thanks to an overtired six-year-old, but we rebounded pretty well with some crafts and other projects. I now make a mean friendship bracelet, know what happens when you microwave Ivory soap, can make homemade ice cream by hand using Ziploc bags, and proved that you can copy body parts on a home copier.

That was just the first day. Exhausted by all that creativity, I decided we would benefit from getting out of the house. It was time for a field trip--to a field, nonetheless.

boy in strawberry field

The rain had finally stopped, but it was still overcast and cool. In other words, it was a perfect day to pick our own strawberries.

boy in strawberry field carrying basket of strawberries

little girl picking strawberries

We picked 7.5 pounds of strawberries before they lost interest and headed back.

two kids in a strawberry field

I congratulated myself for being an excellent camp counselor and prepared to head home. Little did I know that my afternoon at the farm was not over.

There were still koi to watch and name.

two kids looking at a koi pond

And goats to feed.

child feeding grass to a goat

After feeding the goats, the kids wanted to be fed. We went home, I made strawberry jam and strawberry shortcake, and we ate a large bowl of strawberries with our dinner. Fortunately, the neighbor kids showed up then, because the head counselor was worn out and had dishes to wash.

Camp Mommy doesn't stop on weekends. Tomorrow, we are bringing friends to our favorite beach for catching crabs, sea stars, and other sea critters. I wouldn't be surprised if some kids end up in the ocean.

I really hope that Daddy wants quality time with his kids on Father's Day, because I might need a nap by then.

Real Away-From-Mommy day camp starts Monday. Whew.

*     *     *

We spent our farm field trip at Four Town Farm in Seekonk, Massachusetts.

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