Monday, July 8, 2013

30-Day Photography Challenge Recap

Couldn't be bothered to follow along daily with the 30-Day Photography Challenge? Want to see all the results in one place? Here it is, no additional click-through required. At the request of a clever reader (thanks, Jenni), here is a recap of the 30-Day Photography Challenge--all the challenges and all the results in one place.

Most of this list comes from a challenge created by Expert Photography, but I made modifications to it as the month progressed. If you'd like to look back at the original challenge post, each numbered challenge is linked to its corresponding blog post.

1. self-portrait


2. rule of thirds

little girl diving into a swimming pool

3. black and white

girl at a counter looking out a window and eating an ice cream cone

4. texture

close-up of tree bark with lichen

5. high angle

view of boy's hand and shoes from above

6. low angle

close-up of child's hands playing the piano

7. silhouette

backlit silhouette of little girl

8. sunset

Narragansett Bay at sunset

9. bokeh

Japanese Dogwood blossom with raindrops

10. lens flare - You may have seen this one on the Flotsam of the Mind Facebook page but not in the original post. I took this photo the day after posting the challenge results, and I thought it was better than my first attempt.

sunset at the beach

11. landscape

sailboats moored in a harbor

12. portrait

boy reading a book on the floor

13. dynamic tension

wagon wheel spokes

14. light painting

flashlight swirls in the dark on long camera exposure

15. colorful water droplets

colorful beads photographed through water droplets

16. balanced

curved banister and arched window

17. unbalanced

bench on the beach

18. frame within a frame

boy reading on the floor of his bedroom

19. panorama

panorama including house on Narragansett Bay

20. depth

orange day lilies along a white gate

21. splash

quarter splashing into a glass of beer

22. slow sync flash - This was my only near complete fail.

little girl dancing in front of a disco ball

23. panning

boy riding a bicycle

24. low light no flash

IKEA Expedit with books and LEGO

25. shallow depth of field

close-up of little girl licking her fingers

26. reflection without a mirror

girl reading reflected in a glass door

27. street photography - I didn't really do this one. I offered a photo of my daughter learning to ride a two-wheeler on our suburban cul-de-sac instead.

28. architecture

front of New England colonial house at sunset

29. night

Adirondack chairs by a pool at night

30. bright sunlight

girl swimming in a pool showered by water drops

Just looking at these all together makes me both weary and satisfied. I think my favorites are the silhouette, the frame within a frame, the shallow depth of field, and the architecture photos. What do you think? Any favorites?

If you tried any of these challenges, which did you find most challenging (slow sync flash for me) and which did you most enjoy doing (splash)? Did you surprise yourself by taking any you truly love?


  1. Well done for completing all 30 challenges.... I'm sure that was no easy feat! I loved lots of your shots but my favourite is still the silhouette. :-)

  2. You did such a great job! I love the black and white photo of your daughter, it really is adorable :)

  3. Oh, this makes me want to carve out some time to learn to USE that fancy DSLR that I bought myself over a year ago! I am sad to say that I have used nothing but my phone for pictures for months now.

  4. I loved no. 3, Black & White. I think the composition and balance is near perfect. The over-exposure of the view through the window contrasts perfectly with the under-exposed lower portion of the image whilst the subject is correctly exposed. Your use of the Rule of Thirds is interesting and works well. The angle is also good leading to a slight slope on the window frame, so that the photo is not square on, flat and boring.

    Number 3 was definitely your best shot in the sequence and I think you will make it as a photographer, but you should do more black & white: it leads to more dramatic results for you.