Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 26: Reflection Without a Mirror

My self-created challenge for today was to photograph a reflection without using a mirror. I hoped that it would cause me to notice my (reflective) surroundings in a new way. It did. It also caused me to take a lot of weird photos of myself reflected in wall frames, but luckily I found something more interesting.

reflection in glass of little girl reading a book on the floor

To take this photo, I stood in my kitchen and photographed the glass pantry door, which reflected my daughter reading in the next room. The photo is slightly fuzzy because the glass door has a white curtain on the inside of the door (why anyone thought people would want to see shelved food through the glass doors, I have no idea, so the curtain was my addition to the house).

Here is a direct photo of the same scene.

little girl reading a book on the floor while dressed in a dance costume

In case you think I cheated by not photographing a reflected self-portrait, here's my best attempt at that task.

silhouette of a woman's face reflected in car window

It's a reflection of me in the driver's side window of my minivan. You can see the steering wheel through the window in the bottom left corner. At the time I took the photo, I was standing in my garage between the car and the window with the garage door closed. It's odd, but I like that I achieved a silhouette rather than a self-portrait with my camera to my face, unlike this one:

photographer reflected in a doorknob

Tomorrow's challenge is street photography. The idea is to go out in public and (usually) snap photos of people without their being aware of it while incorporating some great urban backdrops. This may be near impossible here in suburbia and truly impossible with a six-year-old in tow. My daughter is home this week, so heading into the city to quietly observe people without being noticed is highly unlikely. We will see what I can come up with and, if nothing, you will have a free day from looking at and reading about my photography attempts.

Four days to go. Still looking for ideas for the final day challenge. Comment here or on Facebook if you have a suggestion.

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  1. The photos turned out neat! I love how many different ways there are to take photos :)