Thursday, July 25, 2013

Home Vacation

I'm sorry I've been absent this week. Although I've been home, I've been at the beach. Someone with a poorer grasp of the English language than I might call it a "staycation."

I didn't plan on being away, but my son was in surf camp this week. That's right, surf camp--ensuring that, despite both nature and nurture, my kids will be cooler than their mother.

kids in wet suits at surf camp

Surf camp was 9-12 each morning, and the beach is nearly an hour from our house. Two of my son's classmates also were at the camp and had younger siblings at the beach, so we ended up making a day of it. On some days, my kids ate breakfast in the car and only got home in time for dinner. It was like being on vacation but being able to sleep in your own bed.

two boys in wet suits at the beach

While that wasn't planned, it's a scenario I might try to replicate in the future. After all, the kids were much happier to have friends to play with all day than they would have been with just their parents. I enjoyed hanging out with the other moms, and we could take turns swimming with or keeping an eye on each other's kids. No hotels or rentals, and we got to return home each night.

boy surfing

And did I mention that my kid learned to surf? Kind of bad ass, don't you think?


  1. Your son looks great on a surfboard. I don't think I could stand up for more than a few seconds before gracefully falling over. Enjoy your staycation. :)

  2. What fun! I love spending time at the beach :)

  3. I saw the vidieo at your parents house. Your kids will know how to do everything. Susie