Friday, July 5, 2013

Project Underblog

In my very first Flotsam of the Mind post, I explained that my reason for starting this blog was to practice and improve my writing skills. That was true. However, I also had some things on my mind. I wasted no time launching into those things, and in my second post wrote how I missed my men friends and the opportunity to make new ones.

I'm excited to share that Men, my second blog post back in January 2012, is featured today on Project Underblog.  Project Underblog is a submission-based collaborative writing project that spotlights small but mighty blogs that may not have the readership that other submission-based writing communities require. Flotsam of the Mind is small, I hope it's mighty, and I am honored that someone considered my writing worthy of inclusion in their community.

Please head over to Project Underblog to read my piece and check out some of the other contributors. Project Underblog also has a Facebook page where you can keep up with new posts. Hope to see you there!

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