Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Even My Pajamas

pile of pajama pants

Jammies are a surefire means to instant joy. Few things make me as happy as sliding on my pajama pants at the end of the day. When I was pregnant, I had a very soft set of pink pajamas that I wore every night. My husband dubbed my nightly jiggle of joy The Jammie Dance. I buy pajama pants the way some women buy shoes--I just can't get enough.

When I went up to bed last night, my husband was already asleep and I was still dressed in a T-shirt and gym shorts. Rather than risk waking him while I changed, I left the gym shorts on the floor and climbed into bed in only a T-shirt and underwear. I slid between the sheets, comfy as could be, and wondered when and why I started wearing pajama pants in the first place. For most of my life, a T-shirt was the only pajamas I required. What made me change my mind?

My question became less rhetorical a couple hours later, when I was awakened by a blanket-wrapped little girl whining, "My throat is scratchy and I want a drink of water and my cup isn't in the bathroom and my throat is scratchy." (Note to self: don't bother to wash the cup any more.) I climbed out of bed, got the little miss her drink of water, tried to convince her it wasn't worth crying over, went down to the kitchen for a replacement cup, gave her more water, and tried to get her to settle back down to sleep. All while freezing my ass off. So that's why I wear pajama pants.

My kids have changed me in ways big and small, inside and out. My body has changed and my sleep has been interrupted, but my heart and mind have changed in ways that no one can see. My career aspirations have changed, but so has my sleepwear. Being a parent has changed me in nearly every way, even my pajamas.

What are the small ways your kids have changed you?


  1. It will not surprise you to learn that I love jammies, too, and I buy them the way most women buy shoes. Shocking, I know.

  2. I have a love-love relationship with my jammie pants!

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