Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picture Yourself in a Peaceful Place

Have you ever tried to relax by envisioning yourself in a peaceful place? This is mine.

It's not always this peaceful. It's often filled with boats and jet skis and yelping kids. In my memory, it's not as quiet as I now find it. My lake memories are filled with parents and grandparents, great-aunts and uncles, and lots of cousins.

I visited my family's small house on this lake every July Fourth week of my childhood. During college and law school, my friends and I vacationed there. Many years ago, I met my ex-boyfriend there for the closure we both needed to resolve our year-old breakup. If closure was the goal, then it was an abject failure, because we got back together then and, four years later, we married.

I no longer restrict my annual visit to July 4 because the huge family gatherings are no more. When I go now, it is with my children and my parents. We stay less than a week, and that is enough.

Whenever I'm stressed or I can't sleep, I close my eyes and envision myself sitting on the pier. This is the view I see. It works every time.

Do you have somewhere you can escape to in your mind? Is it somewhere you have a long history or a new discovery? Based on all my history in this one spot, I don't think anywhere ever will replace it as my mental escape.


  1. I love this picture and that it's your happy/peaceful place. I envision the beach, in the sand staring out into the water.

  2. Susie: I know that view. My peaceful place is sailing!!!!!!Moving in the wind and hearing the bow cut through the water. Better yet, plaining on a reach. 109 thistles here this past week at SSC for their nationals. Grandpa would of enjoyed seeing all the boats and people. It has become more technical and rule oriented since my days of racing. We had fun. It has become more of a competion like they were in the olympics.

    1. I don't remember you racing--just my mom. I still remember Thistle Nationals--I must have been 8 or 9. You're right, Grandpa would have loved the commotion.

  3. Susie: I know that view! My peaceful place was sailing!

  4. I sailed all through jr. high, h.s. and college with Earl, Tom, and Craig was the last person I sailed with. I only sailed when they needed a third. I was quite good in getting the spinnaker pole up fast. I crewed with other people if there wasn't room in 752 or 2468.